Лауреат 2021 – Лида Юсупова
In English

Lida Yusupova, the first holder of the Vavilon prize, was born 10 December 1963 in Petrozavodsk, from where she moved to Leningrad in 1981. She had graduated from the Leningrad State University School of Journalism and worked at the Leningrad radio as a kids' shows producer. In 1996 Yusupova left Russia for Jerusalem. Since 2004 she is based in Toronto (Canada) and San Pedro (Ambergris Caye island, Belize) . Yusupova is the author of numerous publications in Russian periodicals, including “Vozdukh”, “Novoye Literaturnoye Obozreniye” (New Literary Observer) and “Mitin Zhurnal”, as well as in online projects like TextOnly (textonly.ru) and Snob (snob.ru). Her first poetry collection appeared in 1995, recent collections include “Ritual C-4” (2013), Dead dad (2016), “Prigovory” (Verdicts; 2020) and “Shtorka” (Curtain; 2021). Yusupova also has co-authored the stories collection “U liubvi chetyre ruki” (Love has four hands; 2008) with Margarita Meklina. The bilingual Russian and English edition of Lida Yusupova's poems The Scar We Know was published recently in the US (Cicada Press, 2021). Yusupova's poetry was anthologized in “Osvobozhdenny Uliss” (Ulysses Released: Russian poetry beyond Russia; 2004, Novoye Literaturnoye Obozreniye, Russia) and “F-Letter: New Russian Feminist Poetry” (2020, isolarii, UK). In 2017 she was awarded with “Razlichiye” (Difference) prize from the circle of Russian young critics.